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Berklee College Credit
Attend Vix Camps and receive college credit from Berklee College of Music - Learn how.

Current and future Berklee students can receive college credit for successfully completing the Bass/Nature 6-day residency (May 12-17, 2015) at Wooten Woods in Tennessee.

Steve Bailey (Berklee Bass Chair) and Victor Wooten (Berklee Summer Bass Program Director) have forged the way for you to receive a Berklee LAB credit for your completion of the camp (which includes submitting a written synopsis of tasks, goals, and achievements of the week.) Victor, Steve and many others will be teaching at the camp.

For more details, contact Steve Bailey at srbailey@berklee.edu and visit www.VixCamps.com to register.

* 16 YEARS and GROWING *
* ALL instruments * All Levels *
* All Ages * It's All-Right! *
Join us as we celebrate our 16TH YEAR of running our unique programs. That's right, 16 wonderful years of helping people improve their lives and careers through the love and understanding of Music and Nature.


Wooten Woods is a newly built camp/retreat center in Only, TN (near Nashville). Conceived and owned by 5-time Grammy award winning Musician Victor Wooten and his wife Holly, Wooten Woods was originally constructed to be the home of his Music and Nature camps that have been running since the year 2000, but this nearly 150-acre riverfront property has developed into much more than that.

Constructed primarily by the love and sweat of friends and students of Victor and his camps, Wooten Woods rests on the bank of the beautiful Duck River, one of the world's most bio-diverse rivers (as featured in the Feb. 2010 issue of National Geographic Magazine). Wooten Woods is also home to an abundant array of wild life, wild flowers, trees, ponds, and streams.

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How was Wooten Woods built?

Since hosting our first Bass/Nature Camp over 10 years ago, we've dreamed of someday owning our own location to run these and other camps. In 2008, we purchased a wonderful piece of land and began the process of transforming it into our dream home. There was no way for us to know or even believe the amount of help we would immediately receive.

Former (and future) campers, friends, and strangers contacted us offering many of the necessary pieces that allowed it all to come together. Everything from ideas, construction help, furniture, and financial support seemed to just "show ". Thanks to the help of these and other friends, Wooten Woods Retreat was born.

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